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DIY Pre:Sprint Kit


Building products and initiatives with an ethical lens is hard, but it just got a lot easier!

Introducing the DIY PRE:SPRINT kit - your complete guide and material kit for running the 4 hour PRE:SPRINT workshop, that will help your team fold ethical principles into your product, process or service.

Run your PRE:SPRINT before a Google Ventures Design Sprint, or before you move into strategy, ideation, or designing solutions for your new initiative. The PRE:SPRINT provides you with actionable outcomes to leverage during planning and decision making as you move forward.

Falbe & Junell spent a long time creating, defining and refining the PRE:SPRINT process because we saw the lack of ethical consideration in product development and innovation.

We’ve tested the workshop format extensively across enterprise and startup teams, and the result is a strong, efficient framework that is guaranteed to help any team apply an ethical and responsible lens in their work.

Every time we’ve run a PRE:SPRINT, we’ve been in awe of what a team can achieve in just 4 hours.

And that’s what you’re getting when you buy the DIY PRE:SPRINT Kit. A simple, efficient way to help your team fold in ethical principles in your project.

We are grateful for innovators like you making the world a better, more ethical place for us all!

Trine Falbe & Tanya Junell

Do email us at if you have any questions or want to share your Pre:Sprint stories!

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This DIY Kit contains everything you need to run your own Pre:Sprint. Perfect for any team improving or creating a new product, service or process. Use the Pre:Sprint for your initiative to fold in the core principles of Responsible Innovation: Purpose, Ethics, and Impact. It's super easy with these step-by-step facilitator guides and colorful workshop materials.

Build your Workspace
Step-by-step Facilitator Guide 1 - 20 pages (A4 and US Letter)
Running the Workshop
Step-by-step Facilitator Guide 2 - 30+ pages (A4 and US Letter)
Online White Board Assets
Simple set up for Miro, Mural, etc...
In-Person White Board Assets
Colorful materials to enhance the workshop
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DIY Pre:Sprint Kit

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